California BBL vs. Miami BBL

California BBL vs. Miami BBL

BBL refers to the surgery that enhances the appearance of your buttock with fat transfer. First, the fat is harvested from your body using a process called liposuction. Then it is processed by cleaning it with antibiotic solution. Finally, it is strategically re-injected into the buttock and hip region to literally augment your buttock. By filling the cheeks of your buttock, it literally reinflates your buttock and subsequently lifts your buttock, thus termed Brazilian Butt Lift. The Brazilian word description reminds us that this procedure was first introduced by Brazilian surgeons and popularized by South Americans. As it migrated to the states, it first landed in Miami, which boasts a large South American population. Its popularity has subsequently spread up the east coast and more recently to the west and California coast. 

BBL surgery has advanced significantly over the last few years both in its safety considerations but also its aesthetic ideals. Safety advances have centered around minimizing risks of a detrimental side effect called fat emboli and minimizing the risk of fat infection. Aesthetic advances have focused on improving patient satisfaction as it relates to volume retention and honing in patients’ specific buttock enhancement goals. Patient’s buttock contour aesthetic preferences can be characterized by various buttock shapes and sizes. Several years ago, we introduced the Brazilian Buttock Assessment tool which was intended to clarify the client’s buttock shape and size preferences. In fact, we observed specific buttock size and shape preferences that were affected by clients’ age, ethnicity, and even religion! These findings will be published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2021.

Identifying specific preferences in buttock shape and size through the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool has allowed us to identify even regional differences. As a central hub for Brazilian Buttock Lifts and moreover Brazilian Buttock Lift Revisions, we have observed specific differences between client desires that we have coined California versus Miami BBL. The Miami BBL describes the creation of a more generous buttock size with maximum fullness over the mid and lower buttock region. The Miami BBL is desired by patients that are hippier and have more generous medial and lateral thighs. In contrast, the California BBL describes a more moderate size increase in the buttock size, with maximum fullness isolated to the mid-buttock region. The California BBL is desired by patients that are more athletic and possess thinner legs. 

If you are wondering which Brazilian Buttock Lift is the best option for you, a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will help you decide between the California BBL or Miami BBL.  

Miami BBL
Miami BBL demonstrating a more generous buttock size that includes fullness throughout the mid and lower lateral buttock.
California BBL
California BBL demonstrating moderate buttock size that includes maximum fullness localized to the mid-lateral buttock.

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