Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

As a specialty center for Brazilian Butt lift revisions, I have had many botched cases to witness from the various causes for failed Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. Successful Brazilian Butt Lifts must create aesthetically pleasing butt shapes and sizes that meet their clients’ expectations - not the doctor's. Furthermore, the buttock enhancements achieved must be retained over time.

Loss of Buttock Volume After BBL Surgery

Loss of buttock volume is the most common reason for Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) dissatisfaction. Disgruntled Brazilian Butt Lift clients will universally describe how their buttock shape was excellent at first, but then they noticed a gradual loss of volume over the first 6 months.

Patients in online Question and Answer platforms routinely quote a 40 to 50% loss of volume during this time period. The reason for this volume loss is that the fat cells that were injected were compromised during either the harvesting or processing phase. Injury of fat cells during the harvesting phase occurs by the sheer stress placed on the fat cells as they are ripped out using traditional liposuction techniques.

The other cause of mechanical fat cell injury involves fat cells that have enlarged in size and more vulnerable to injury. Unfortunately, patients may have been inappropriately advised to gain weight for their Brazilian Butt Lift; weight gain is not beneficial to your butt augmentation goals as it will only enlarge the fat cells and not result in more fat cells.

The sad reality is that larger fat cells are actually more vulnerable to injury and subsequent death. The processing of fat cells is also another reason for fat cell compromise. Even though the fat cells may be reinjected, those that are injured may die and subsequently be absorbed.

Another reason for fat cell compromise is prolonged out of body time. The analogy is like having a fish out of water; if left out for too long, the fat cell will suffocate and die.

Poor Buttock Aesthetics

Poor buttock aesthetics describes a buttock shape and size that is not in line with the patients’ desires. This concern is very real and the second most frequent complaint of clients that we see.

In essence, the surgeon and patient did not communicate what the patient’s desired buttock shape and size was. Patients may try to convey their desired buttock shape to the doctor with words or even photos of buttock shapes they have liked, but obviously, there is some disconnect here.

The other concern is when the junctions of the buttock and the lower legs and the waistline are not smooth. Unlike males who prefer straight lines and square borders, female contour aesthetics demand exaggerated curves with smooth transition lines. When these standards are not adhered to, then suboptimal buttock aesthetics are observed a Brazilian buttock, and revision is pursued by the patient.

Optimizing Brazilian buttock Lift Revisions

Optimizing Brazilian Buttock Lift revision is Dr. Mowlavi’s focus. First, patients are counseled on being at their comfort weight. This means committing to a healthy lifestyle that you are comfortable maintaining.

Dr. Mowlavi does not wish you to gain or lose weight before or after surgery. He approaches your body as if it is a work of art and we don’t want your canvas to change. It also ensures that your fat cells small to moderate in size so that they withstand the harvesting process.

Furthermore, you use the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool to clearly communicate your desired buttock shape and size to Dr. Mowlavi. We also like to have you obtain your old operative records so that Dr. Mowlavi can optimize your surgical plan. This is because fat from areas not previously irritated should be used first to your Brazilian Buttock Lift Revision.

In some cases, we may not want to use the fat from areas previously liposuctioned, such as areas previously treated with laser liposuction. This is because Laser liposuction has been shown to pierce and permanently injure fat cells.

In the operating room, several measures are taken to optimize your Brazilian Buttock Lift Revision results. These include the harvesting of fat cells with ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction allows for freeing up of fat cells so that they can be gently siphoned. Siphoning of cells is superior to traditional liposuction and results in higher viability of fat cells.

The second results in quick processing of fat cells by using Dr. Mowlavi’s closed-loop proprietary system. His closed loop system utilizes a specialized, sterile, and sealed canister, that allows for efficient collection, cleaning, and compacting of fat cells prior to being reinjected. By keeping out of body times to less than ½ to 1 hour, Dr. Mowlavi is able to ensure optimal fat grafting protocols.

Finally, Dr. Mowlavi’s sculpting expertise allows our Brazilian Butt Lift revision patients to take advantage of his world-renowned body contouring ability. Using his high-definition liposuction protocol, Dr. Mowlavi is well regarded for his stunning before and after outcomes. What this means for you is that you will have not only have the ultimate Brazilian Butt lift revision with ideal buttock aesthetics, smooth buttock transition lines, as well as abdominal muscle highlights, waistline snatching, and elimination of back rolls.

If you are not happy with your buttock and are considering a Brazilian Buttock lift revision, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary consultation.


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