What to Expect With A Neck Lift

What to Expect With A Neck Lift

Before discussing what to expect with a neck lift, let’s first describe the procedure. A neck lift is, in surgical terms, a lower rhytidectomy (facelift). This procedure aims to reduce or eliminate the visible signs of aging at the neck and jawline.

Here Is What Neck Lift Surgery Can Address

  • Skin droopiness and excess fat around the lower face (jowls)
  • Fat that accumulates under the chin
  • “Turkey” neck loose skin 
  • “Banding” of the muscles and skin in the neck

What Should I Expect With A Neck Lift?

The first step is a conversation with one of our doctors. You and one of our facial surgeon specialists will discuss your medical history, age, general health, skin condition, scarring bias, and other issues, along with what you wish to accomplish with a neck lift.

Your surgeon will evaluate all factors and offer choices for further enhancing your procedure. For example, they may suggest a chin implant, dermal or fat fillers, or even a full facelift if you are looking for a more comprehensive result. 

Most commonly, neck lifts are performed at surgical facilities vs. a hospital setting. Typically, surgeons use general anesthetic to keep you comfortable and still during the surgery, as the procedure may take several hours.

Your surgeon makes small incisions around and behind your ears and smaller ones beneath your chin during a neck lift. The surgeon delicately raises the neck muscles and removes excess skin and fat before closing the incisions and applying a pressure dressing to the area around your skull and behind your chin. In the hands of a talented surgeon, years of aging are gone!

Following Your Neck Lift procedure, your neck may feel stiff, and you may see some bruising, which will diminish in a few weeks. Sutures (stitches) can be removed in five to ten days.

It takes many weeks to recover from a neck lift. It is critical to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery recommendations. You’ll be given instructions on dealing with swelling and bruising and how to manage any discomfort. The guidelines will also tell you when you may resume your normal activities and when you should contact the office if there are any unexpected changes or issues.

Before The Procedure

Before you get a neck lift, your doctor will examine your health and discuss your surgical objectives and expectations. Your doctor will then choose the best surgical technique for you. Depending on the extent of the effects of aging, your surgeon may suggest further procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or skin resurfacing to help you achieve your desired results.

Your face will be examined and measurements recorded, and photographs may be taken to compare your appearance before and after surgery.

During The Procedure

A neck lift is done under local anesthetic or general anesthesia, but most patients opt for general for maximum comfort. The surgeon makes a small incision behind each ear and the chin. If one of the reasons for your dissatisfaction with the appearance of your neck is fullness caused by fat, liposuction will be used to get a more defined neck by gently suctioning it from the jawline and beneath the chin. 

On the other hand, liposuction will not fix structural issues associated with aging or environmental factors that contribute to your neck issues. Your doctor can recommend the best procedure for you based on several factors, including your desired outcome. It’s essential to consider your doctor’s input as they are the expert and see your neck and face objectively with a harmonious result in mind. No patient is happy with a young neck and an older-looking face.

See The Results

As swelling and bruising decrease, the benefits of a neck lift become apparent. Your ultimate neck lift outcome should give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance and make you feel more confident in yourself. 

What’s Next

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