Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Orange County Style

Patients of varying ages who desired a curvier, less boxy shape. Note the waistline narrowing, hip curving, in addition to a modest change in buttocks. Using the Buttocks Assessment Tool, patients chose their new, more natural-looking buttock shape vs. the Miami style of larger buttock size. 

The ultimate Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) must create the ideal buttock aesthetic contour safely. Dr. Arian Mowlavi is a world authority on Brazilian Butt Lifts due to his advances in both buttocks aesthetic and safety protocols. Dr. Mowlavi ensures patients achieve the buttock size and shape they specifically desire and ensure that these results are long term. More importantly, Dr. Mowlavi has modified traditional BBL techniques to minimize risks inherent to fat transfer.  There are additional BBL photos on our Newport Beach BBL site for your review.

Optimizing Buttock Aesthetics

Optimizing buttock aesthetics is critical to achieving the ultimate BBL. The desired buttock shape and size can be affected by age, ethnicity, and even religion.

To describe buttock shape and size preferences, Dr. Mowlavi created the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool, which utilizes caricatures to illustrate the buttock shape and size's permutations. By visualizing all of the buttocks' styles on a single page, patients can hone in on their favorite buttock preference.

After surveying 1000s of patients, we have observed age, ethnic, and even religious influences on patients' priorities, scheduled for publication in the 2021 edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. What has been most impressive is identifying individual preferences that would have been unclear without the assessment tool.

The second critical component to achieving the ultimate Brazilian Butt Lift is making sure that the results obtained immediately following surgery are seen long term. A review of internet patient feedback will reveal many patients who have noticed the loss of 40% buttock volume at six months. The reason for these losses is NOT the patient's fault, but an error in fat graft harvest, processing, and reinjection techniques:

  • First, it is essential to use ultrasound-assisted liposuction to harvest protects fat cells to protect the cells from injury. This lack of cell injury is because ultrasound helps free up harvested fat cells with minimal cell damage.
  • Second, the use of Dr. Mowlavi's closed-loop canister system minimizes out of body fat exposure time. Using Dr. Mowlavi's closed-loop system, we can harvest, process, and reinject even large fat volumes within a safe 30 minute extracorporeal body time limit.

Safe Brazilian Butt Lift 

Since a Brazilian Butt Lift requires the transfer of fat cells from one part of the body to another, it is inherently prone to safety concerns. This safety concern occurs because when fat cells are outside the body, they are prone to contamination and potential infection. This is why Dr. Mowlavi's closed-loop canister system is an advancement over traditional fat processing techniques and reinjecting that utilize open-air sieves to irrigate the fat and transfer syringes that result in unnecessary handling of the fat.

Instead, Dr. Mowlavi's closed-loop canister system allows for the ultimate protection of fat from the external environment. The fat is collected into a sealed, sterile jar kept away from all external exposure, even during irrigation and processing. This means the elimination of potential contamination and infection.

The second identified danger of fat transfer to the buttock involves the development of fat emboli, which can be detrimental. Dr. Mowlavi's advancement to a safe BBL may be most relevant to attempting to minimize this complication. After an investigation by an interdisciplinary team of expert surgeons, it is clear that inadvertent fat entry into the large gluteal veins located deep to the gluteus maximus is the mechanism for a fat embolus. It has also clarified that fat injection into and/or under the muscle must be avoided.

To ensure these safety concerns are met, Dr. Mowlavi has developed his proprietary fat grafting cannula that visualizes the cannula under ultrasound guidance. Fat can be injected under visual guidance, thus minimizing the risk of entry into or under the muscle.

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Some patients opt for lower butt fullness, others for mid-butt. Because the size, shape, and projection are chosen by the patient, they see the results they envisioned, not the same BBL that some doctors perform for all their patients. Note the waistline narrowing, removal of back fat and hip curvature to give each BBL the right proportions and elegant curves.

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