Post Bariatric Body Contouring

47-year-old female following post-bariatric surgery involving lower and upper body lift, arm lift, bilateral breast lift with augmentation, and abdominoplasty. Please note total body contour following total body lift resulting in improvement especially of the lower back and buttocks region.

If you have lost significant weight either voluntarily or following a gastric bypass/sleeve and/or lap band procedure, then we can help you eliminate your unwanted loose skin.

Dr. Mowlavi has perfected the Total Body Lift which can include any or all of the following procedures performed simultaneously:

  • Arm lift
  • Breast lift(with or without an implant)
  • A tummy tuck, upper body lift
  • Lower body lift
  • Medial thigh tuck

Dr. Mowlavi, aka Dr. Laguna, routinely performs total-body lifts that will transform your body with a single surgery. Please review before and after photographs to appreciate what this surgery can do for you.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery in Orange County is an essential and final component in the journey embarked upon by patients having lost large amounts of weight after post-bariatric surgery.

As Newport Beach post-bariatric surgery patients and patients from all over, lose their unwanted weight, they will universally observe a decrease in total body fat but the only minimal resolution of their unwanted, redundant skin. Skin redundancy can be minimal, moderate, or severe as observed by the development of multiple skin rolls and/or rashes.

Skin redundancy can be observed over the face and neck, arms, breasts, armpits, upper and lower back, abdomen, pubic region, lateral thighs, and medial thighs.  Over a one to two-year period, weight loss of around 100 lbs is routine for bariatric patients who attend regular counseling and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the accumulation of redundant skin eventually becomes an obstacle to physical activity and a burden psychologically.

Patients who see Laguna Beach, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Laguna in consultation for a post-bariatric surgery, often complain that despite having been dedicated to losing incredible amounts of weight, they continue to carry large amounts of skin that precludes them from exercise, outdoor activities, and fitting into smaller sized clothes.

If you have more questions, contact us, and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi today!

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How much post-bariatric surgery costs greatly depends on how many areas need to have skin reduction completed.

When all areas of your body require skin reduction, we call this the Total Body Transformation. Total body transformation may require any one or all of the following that includes:

  • Brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • Breast lift
  • Upper body lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Lower body lift
  • Medial thigh tuck
  • Brazilian Buttock lift

You may also want skin removed from your neck or face area or an arm lift. This surgery is highly personalized, and the cost can only be determined with a consultation. During your consult, Dr. Mowlavi will listen to your desires, give you his recommendations, and send you a quote once your consultation is over.

39-year-old female status post total body lift including brachioplasty, breast lift with implant augmentation, full tummy tuck.

46-year-old female status post bilateral breast reduction and abdominoplasty, upper body lift, lower body lift, and breast lift.

46-year-old female 3 months following All in One Total Body Lift involving lower body lift, medial thigh tuck, breast lift with augmentation, upper body lift, and abdominoplasty.
Please note a dramatic improvement in back, buttocks, and flank contour.

Post Bariatric Body Lift FAQs

You should do well with breast augmentation and upper body lift; items you should discuss with your surgeon include:

1)BREAST AUG: You do not need a lift at the same time; almost all of my patients that need an upper body lift also need a breast lift when performing their augmentation.

2)UPPER BODY LIFT: you should make sure you know where your incision will be placed and that this is to your liking.

It is very common to get a LBL after TT; this is because, after the tummy protrusion has been corrected, patient’s often notice the fullness over their flanks and back. We routinely perform LBL as part of a tummy tuck revision. 

Inner thigh lift is critical to improve the over all appearance of the legs if you have redundant skin in this area. A low incision tummy tuck, and lateral thigh tuck are also very helpful for tightening and lifting the lateral thighs which will also help the inner thighs.

Please consider a Total Body Lift which addresses all of the body parts in a single safe surgical session. these can include: arms, breasts, abdomen, black, buttocks, pubis, and inner and outer thighs. Please see examples below. The time for this surgery is dependent on you having reached your near ideal weight and being stable at this weight for six months. You should also obviously have redundant skin requiring hemming.

LBL incisions are determined by where the skin redundancy is located. You want to consider placing the incision to maximize removal of redundancy but must also take into account the anatomy as your surgical incisions will create natural junctions between for example the pubic region and the belly or the buttocks region and the lower back. Lockwood defined much of the anatomy involved as well as designed a tool that we use to elevate the lateral thigh region. Liposuction is employed by all body lift patients to minimize operative bleeding as well as to collect the fat if needed to augment the buttocks volume.

Specialized centers will provide you the opportunity to eliminate all skin redundancies from your entire body in a single session, called a Total body Lift. A total body lift will allow you to remove skin redundancies from: arms, breasts, abdomen, back, armpit, pubic region, flanks, buttocks, lateral and medial thighs in a single session.

Specialized centers will provide you the opportunity to eliminate all skin redundancies from your entire body in a single session, called a Total body Lift. A total body lift will allow you to remove skin redundancies from: arms, breasts, abdomen, back, armpit, pubic region, flanks, buttocks, lateral and medial thighs in a single session.

Total body lifts are performed and include:

1)breast lift

2)tummy tuck

3)lateral thigh and buttocks lift

4)arm lift

5)medial thigh lift

6)fat grafting to the buttocks.

Total body lift involves all of the above procedures that are performed simultaneously.

An extended tummy tuck will remove the redundancy over the flank region. This procedure wraps around the lower love handle and flank area.

An upper body lift will address the lat region and remove the excess skin as well. 

The hard skin is dilation of stretch marks. This is expected to resolve when the swelling decreases.

Tummy tuck and LBL are intimately related and should be done at the same time. As part of our Totoal Body LIft, both of these surgeries are performed together as well as breast lift, upper body lift, medial thigh lift, and buttocks augmentation. Thus you are not overdoing it with a breast lift, TT, and LBL.

You will infact have lots of sagging skin that will drape following significant weight-loss. This will then have to be removed with a post-bariatric body lift that may include procedures such as a tummy tuck, upper body lift, lower body lift.

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