BBL After 10 Years

BBL After 10 Years

Before we discuss the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) after 10 years, let’s look at how it has evolved. The BBL has become one of the most popular cosmetic operations in the past several years. This technique, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, is when fat is utilized during VASER high definition liposuction to improve the shape and projection of the buttocks. More and more, fat transfer is replacing implants as it allows surgeons to customize the patient’s results, and recovery is faster and simpler. Many prominent figures have had a Brazilian Butt Lift, causing it to soar in popularity. You most likely know who we’re talking about: Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few. It’s challenging to get the increased shapeliness by diet and exercise alone. Without BBL surgery, having that result may not even be possible.

People often ask if their BBL will look the same in ten years. I spoke at the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons in Miami in May of 2022 on the topic of long-term BBLs and the trends we are seeing as surgeons. This is a question as a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon I am frequently asked by patients considering the BBL procedure.

The Way BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Works

A BBL, modest or more prominent, begins with VASER high-definition liposuction, which allows the removal of more healthy fat than other types of liposuction. The fat is liquified with ultrasonic technology, removed gently, and purified before being transplanted into the body. A BBL boosts gluteal volume and, if done artistically, defines the buttock curve and improves lift. The goal is to make the patient’s shape memorable. With waistline snatching and rounding out the perfect hip shape, the BBL creates a real wow factor! Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is one of the most popular body contouring options for good reason.

The BBL Surgery After 10 Years – Long-Lasting Results

In my career, I have done almost 18,000 VASER high-definition liposuction surgeries. As a cosmetic surgeon, I have performed thousands of body contouring procedures, and I understand Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery very well. I am an experienced BBL surgeon and known in the community for producing excellent results and the go-to person for fixing botched BBL surgeries.

More and more women and men come to see me for a consultation that adds a BBL to their surgical plan for this reason alone. and invented a method for fat preservation that ensures maximum retention once the fat is implanted.

So the main issue is, do the BBL surgery results last? The answer is yes. Only if done correctly by the surgeon.  A board-certified plastic surgeon is the best place to begin your search for the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure and Brazilian Butt lift surgery.

  • The optimal method of liposuction is used. For example, laser lipo uses heat and can damage fat, whereas VASER uses ultrasound energy which is far more gentle for preserving fat cells as we suction it
  • Transplantation of the maximum amount of healthy fat
  • The surgeon does not “overfill” the gluteal area causing the body to absorb more fat, and this can be a safety issue as well
  • You choose an experienced surgeon who has done many BBLs
  • Following your doctor’s aftercare instructions. This critical step has no shortcut. Wear your compression garment as directed by your doctor
  • You maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle and avoid weight fluctuations
  • For the best long-term benefits, allow time for the healing process and begin with light activity for the first few weeks.  Be sure to follow all post-op instructions during your recovery period.

Using your fat allows the body to adjust naturally, take the newly located healthy fat and create a new blood supply to support the area. Some fat cells will not be viable, and the body’s lymphatic system will flush those fat cells. You can see why it’s so essential to use an experienced surgeon who puts both results and safety first and foremost.

Buttock augmentation with BBL and fat transfer is far superior to old-school butt implants. Many surgeons are removing more implants than they are putting in. Implants tend to move and create a sense of discomfort and can look misshapen.

Of Note: some patients naturally absorb more transplanted fat than others. In that case, you may opt to have a second round or “refill” as time passes. Although you may think “go big” and avoid the second round of fat, it’s better to revisit enlarging your BBL than overfilling. A fair number of BBL revisions at our office are to reduce overly large BBLs.

f you are looking for a BBL after 10 years and beyond, take the next step!

What’s Next?

If you are ready for a shape that turns heads, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of the most experienced BBL doctors in the U.S.

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