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A 36-year-old female three months following a mommy makeover: tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast augmentation.

If having children has taken a toll on your looks and confidence, Dr. Mowlavi can help. Pregnancy is an amazing journey that comes with a great reward. Unfortunately, it can also cause many undesirable changes to the body, particularly the stomach and breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Mowlavi will utilize his artistry and wealth of experience to customize a unique surgical plan, just for you. We guarantee that your custom mommy makeover procedure will successfully reverse all of the unwanted changes incurred by pregnancy.

What is Dr. Mowlavi's 360 Mommy Makeover Procedure?

The Mommy Makeover involves an individualized surgical plan that often combines a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and/or breast lift, along with liposuction. In one single procedure, Dr. Mowlavi can restore your body to its pre-pregnancy days with a 360 approach and addressing all of your areas of concern, including:

  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Back fat
  • Buttock enhancement (optional)

Yes, all of these areas can be safely treated in just one single surgery. Dr. Mowlavi is even able to correct severe abdominal deformities and bulges. He has developed a new (patent pending) surgical tool, called the “Mowlavi Umbilicator,” which allows for optimum placement of the belly button during tummy tuck surgery. Recreating a naturally appearing “innie” belly button allows our patients to wear two-piece swimsuits and show off their new, youthful tummies free from fear of having an unnatural, operated-on look.

To fully appreciate what Dr. Mowlavi’s comprehensive Mommy Makeover can do for you, please review the stunning before and after transformation photos below.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

A "Mommy Makeover" surgery is a combination of procedures that restores a woman's youthful, pre-pregnancy body. Depending on your needs, this makeover can include liposuction, a breast lift or augmentation, and an abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck."  The price of a typical Mommy Makeover can range between $7,500 and $20,000 depending on the type and amount of procedures needed.

If you are ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back and would like to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, Orange County's top plastic surgeon.

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Book a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Mommy Makeover

Booking a free mommy makeover consultation is the most important first step that you can take in your mommy makeover journey.

Dr. Mowlavi performs dozens of mommy makeover consultations each month. During your consultation, which may be virtual or in his office, he will detail a surgical plan of what will be required to get your body back to your pre-pregnancy days.

Your customized surgical plan may include breast surgery, tummy tuck procedures, the entire back and flanks, the buttock, the thighs, and even the arms. As long as you are healthy, you may transform all of these areas in a single session of surgery.

Mommy Makeover Before and After

A 35-year-old female following a mommy makeover which included breast augmentation, mini tummy tuck, and liposuction of the abdomen.

A 54-year-old woman six months following a mommy makeover, including a thigh tuck, breast lift with augmentation, and full abdominoplasty.

A 49-year-old female two months following a mommy makeover with a breast lift and full abdominoplasty.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

We often have patients who come in who are not happy with previous liposuction procedures, and we know just how to care for our revision patients to make sure this is the end of their revision journey. When the hips are jiggly following a tummy tuck surgery, it is most often due to skin redundancy in the flank/love handle areas which was not properly attended to when they were treated the first time. This requires an extension of your tummy tuck incision onto the lateral flank area. This revision allows for maximal reduction of bulk in this area which will narrow your waist as well as raise and tighten the lateral flanks. A consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mowlavi can demonstrate how this revision is performed and the results to be expected

Regarding your compression garments post tummy tuck and liposuction, we opt for the garments to be snug. Postoperative garments should be snug but not too tight; if they are too tight, they can actually compress the tissues so hard that they don’t get appropriate blood flow. Also, it is important to note, it needs to be made sure there are no crinkles/wrinkles in the garment that can cause chaffing/indents.

We actually recommend our patients to have their procedures done in one session. For a mommy makeover, we would highly recommend that you consider a breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery to be done together. Two recoveries are never as good as one! The hardest part of the mommy makeover is the muscle repair of your tummy. Thus adding a breast procedure to your tummy tuck is not going to be that much harder. In addition, when you combine two surgeries you can often save a lot of money, so that is also a benefit. Dr. Mowlavi is a mommy makeover specialist, and we would be happy to help you move forward in your decision making process for your desired procedures.

If you are not satisfied with your results 1.5 years out post tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift, you may be a great candidate for a revision lift and tummy tuck. Revision surgery does not have to be complicated, but it does require your surgeon to be very meticulous in order to correct all areas of concern. You have done your research well if you have found Dr. Mowlavi. A tummy tuck revision may allow you to tighten your pubic region and tighten the lower abdominal region to improve your proportions as well as to create hooding of your belly button to hide the incisions. We also have to tighten many patients’ sides to improve the contour of the whole abdomen, flanks, and back region. A consultation with a Dr. Mowlavi, a revision specialist, will help you to come up with a comprehensive and affordable plan that is customized for your case and desires.

Back tension after your tummy tuck is actually quite normal, and yes, the tightness will ease over time. After your tummy tuck, your back muscles are working overtime to compensate for your tightened ab muscles which are not working yet as they are sore. You should get some benzos or muscle relaxants to get you through this difficult time, but be assured that the tension will ease as your recovery progresses.

Your question includes knowledge of maximum implant size and optimizing your tummy tuck results. Maximum implant size is actually not decided by your height or weight, but rather by your nipple to inframammary crease distance. This distance will determine whether your chosen implant can be centered on your nipple. In addition, you should demand the best possible tummy tuck results that should include:

1)a belly button where the incision is sewn in your belly button shadow

2)a low incision line that is hidden in your bikini

3)a narrow waistline

4)avoidance of dog ears

5)avoidance of muffin top

Poor scarring is related to poor surgical technique and/or poor choice of sutures. The best thing to do is a tummy tuck revision in order to:

1) revise your incision line. The line may be lowered and improved in appearance.

2) the above maneuver will allow us to hood your belly button over the incision line so that it is hidden in the belly button shadow. At this point you cannot revise the actual incision line; instead, just hide it.

Your question can be answered simply by knowing the comfort and experience of the Doctor. Dr. Mowlavi is a highly experienced surgeon and VASER trainer. His Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute is a dedicated liposuction and body lift center and he regularly performs multiple procedures in a single session. With a specialty of body contouring, Dr. Mowlavi can uniquely create a specialized surgical plan with each individual. These procedures may include, but are not limited to: Breast lift, arm lift, tummy tuck, upper body lift, lower body lift, medial thigh tuck, and BBL. All of these can be done for you safely in less than 8 hours.

Transforming your breast and body

You can have an incredible body and breasts by considering high definition liposuction. Circumferential VASER liposuction will provide you the body that you are desiring. This can be supplemented with a breast lift and breast fat grafting to bring back your desired shape and curves. Dr. Mowlavi, at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, is a VASER specialist and trainer, and regularly operates on patients seeking what you are wanting. We invite our patients to contact us so we may be able to better assist in you in your surgical desires. 

Great Question! Without photos, I cannot fully explain the best procedures for you but we would be happy to invite you for a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation. For contouring a bariatric patients’ post-op bodies, I can tell you that you should see a board-certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience in body contouring. You should also look into high definition liposuction. High definition liposuction with VASER will melt your fat before it takes it out and then provide the best contour. This can be done in conjunction with a tummy tuck, breast lift with implants, and BBL. Your BBL results will be the best with HD Liposuction with VASER because you will have a smooth contour with an incredible shape. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our office, we would be happy to assist.

Although mommy makeovers used to be limited to the breast and tummy, now, mommy makeovers take into account the front, the sides, and the back contours of patients. This requires shaping the breast, tummy, pubic region, flanks, back, and buttocks. The cost of a mommy makeover can range from $10,000- $30,000 depending on what procedures and places you have would like to target. Dr. Mowlavi, a VASER specialist, will allow you to not only contour the front with a breast and tummy surgery but also be able to complete your transformation by taking into account your lower back, buttocks, and flank contour.

If you are seeking a smaller belly and bigger butt, a mommy makeover may be the answer for you! Depending on the laxity and redundancy of skin on your abdomen, I may recommend a full tummy tuck and VASER liposuction of the flanks and back, with buttocks contouring. I specialize in full body contouring and BBLs, from mommy makeovers to HD VASER liposuction of specific target areas. Your results will be even nicer than your wish pictures. A consultation with us, through either video or in-person, is critical so that you can get an idea of what to expect and have the ability to talk through all of your thoughts with Dr. Mowlavi.

A tummy tuck and breast augmentation are part of the mommy makeover paradigm and will result in reversal of changes from having had babies. They complement each other very well. Whether you need the breast procedure is dependent on whether your breasts have undergone pregnancy and breast feeding changes. We recommend, if able, to have both procedures at once, which results in one recovery time, and also lowers the cost. Please consider high definition body contouring that results in superior results when compared to traditional techniques. 

 For loose skin above the belly button, we perform reverse tummy tucks with Renuvion skin tightening. If you have only upper abdominal skin redundancy, a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck will not be necessary. However, a reverse tummy tuck with Renuvion skin tightening will be the solution if that is the case. A skype consultation with VASER specialist, Dr. Mowlavi, would be very helpful to confirm this recommendation.

We are a super specialty center for post weight loss body contouring and BBLs using high definition liposuction principles. When desiring superior contouring results, both the excess weight as well as the skin redundancy has to be considered. This is why we have created the high definition liposuction body scale to help guide patients so that they can achieve their highest potential results. With this, not only are we able to transform your body, we are able to do so in a single session. As long as you feel comfortable with a surgeon that is comfortable and well-practiced in performing multiple procedure operations, it should be safe for you. A consultation with high definition body contouring specialist Dr. Mowlavi would be an excellent first step for you in your progress in achieving the results you are desiring. 

 Most patients are under the impression they need to lose weight prior to surgery, although we encourage patients to be at their final or comfort weight when they are prepared for surgery. 

A full 360 high definition liposuction mommy makeover can be performed in a single session safely. Dr. Mowlavi is high definition body contouring specialist and performs these procedures weekly. His high definition VASER liposuction techniques allow him to optimize your entire body from shoulder to knee. This procedure can include:

1) Breast lift and implant exchange

2) Tummy tuck

3) High Definition body sculpting of your upper, middle, lower back, and flanks

4) BBL

5) Thigh contouring

The above procedures can be done at the same time and will absolutely transform your body.

High definition body contouring allows for extreme makeover utilizing an assortment of tools including: 

  1. a) VASER liposuction
  2. b) Renuvion skin tightening; and 
  3. c) Strategic tucking 

All of these modalities and techniques are used to address all of your problem areas. I would consider a patient prepared for their consultation when you they see slack in their abdominal skin. Remember that the mommy makeover procedure may also remove 10 to 20 pounds off of you, so this should also be considered for your weight loss. We do encourage patients to be at their comfort weight so they may maintain this after surgery as well.

Please consider a virtual consultation with high definition specialist Dr. Mowlavi, to establish whether you are ready or not for your surgery.

Breast lifts do not require drains. As for a Tummy Tuck, a tummy tuck with no drains were introduced approximately 5 years ago but have been fraught with complications. In fact, the company that sold the glue to accommodate drainless tummy tucks went bankrupt! Please consider that drains are your friend and are there for a reason. If they are not draining then they can be removed immediately, as in the next day even. Dr. Mowlavi is a specialist surgeon who performs high definition body contouring so that your results are aesthetically transformative. Please consider a virtual or in-person consultation with us so that you can appreciate your potential. 

The mommy makeover is for a woman who wishes to correct changes following pregnancy and childbirth. The most common complaint from patients seeking a mommy makeover include seeing changes in the breasts— sagging and deflation—and changes in the stomach—stretch marks and stretching of the muscles. Furthermore, mommy makeovers can help to fix excess fat on the back, thighs, and/or flanks. Amazingly, the mommy makeover can be done in one procedure, as Dr. Mowlavi often performs. Mommy makeovers utilize high definition VASER liposuction to target specific areas of fat. Finding an expert VASER surgeon is instrumental to see your desired results, and if you have found Dr. Mowlavi then you have done your research well. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

The tummy tuck incision will be placed under the C-section incision. Using high definition VASER liposuction, Dr. Mowlavi, a certified VASER surgeon, performs his tummy tucks completely ridding of the C-section scar. He meticulously works to conceal the minimal scarring in natural contours of the body. High definition VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery and results in little to no scarring. We offer Skype or FaceTime consultations with Dr. Mowlavi and can help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing. 

Yes, a mommy makeover is possible with an abnormal EKG. Sometimes an abnormal EKG is just a heart rhythm variation. However, you will need operative clearance from your cardiologist. The mommy makeover is for women who wish to correct changes following pregnancy and childbirth. The most common complaint from patients seeking a mommy makeover include seeing changes in the breasts— sagging and deflation—and changes in the stomach—stretch marks and stretching of the muscles. Furthermore, mommy makeovers can help to fix excess fat on the back, thighs, and/or flanks. Amazingly, the mommy makeover can be done in one procedure. Mommy makeovers utilize high definition VASER liposuction to target specific areas of fat. Finding an expert VASER surgeon is instrumental to see your desired results. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with a VASER specialist will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

The mommy makeover is for women who wish to correct changes following pregnancy and childbirth. The most common complaint from patients seeking a mommy makeover is the changes in their breasts and their stomach area. These changes include sagging and deflation of the breasts, and abdominal stretching of the muscles and stretch marks on the skin. Furthermore, mommy makeovers can help to fix excess fat on the back, thighs, and/or flanks. 

To answer which procedures can be done together, amazingly, the mommy makeover can be done in just one procedure. Procedures such as the tummy tuck and BBL can be done at the same time. Finding an expert VASER surgeon is instrumental to see your desired results. Here at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, VASER trainer Dr. Mowlavi utilizes high definition VASER liposuction to target specific areas of fat during mommy makeover procedures. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with us will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

In general, lower body lifts require lateral cuts, but our tummy tuck incisions are done hip to hip. After we are able to meet you and discuss your desired surgeries, we will decide your candidacy for a mommy makeover and what your unique surgical plan will be. We use high definition VASER liposuction to meticulously target areas of annoying fat. We also use Renuvion skin tightening to tie everything together and create a pleasing aesthetic. An in person consultation would be best to decide on an optimal treatment plan, but we also offer virtual consultations. The most important part is finding an experienced surgeon and if you have found Dr. Mowlavi, then you have done your research well!

Even though you have scleroderma you may still be a good candidate for a mommy makeover. It is highly recommended you consult a specialist, such as Dr. Mowlavi, before going through with anything. Dr. Mowlavi is an experienced surgeon who will take into account your situation and work with you through the process. We will create a comprehensive plan that is tailored to you, with you. A Skype or FaceTime consultation with us will help you get an accurate recommendation and pricing.

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