Why was My BBL Botched?

Why was My BBL Botched?

Why was my BBL botched? 

Your BBL can be botched for multiple reasons including both poor surgical technique but also because of a miscommunication between your perceived ideal buttock goals and your surgeon. If you are wondering, “Why was my BBL botched?” this is a must read blog for you. I am referred patients weekly who ask, “Why was my BBL botched?” The answer to this question requires appreciating two questions: 1st); Were optimal techniques utilized?  and 2nd) Did I communicate my buttock goals to my surgeon?”

Optimal BBL technique

Optimal BBL techniques, that define the Gold Standard in fat transfer, are advancing continuously. Today, optimal BBL techniques dictate first using ultrasound-assisted liposuction to harvest the fat. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction delivers energy waves that help cavitate spaces between fat cells with air bubbles which help tickle the fat cell clusters such into single cells.

As a result, the fat in your body is converted from a semi-solid into a single-cell liquid state. The liquefied fat cells can then be gently siphoned out rather than the traditional technique of being drilled out of their semi-solid cluster state. This single advancement is most important in avoiding botched BBL results. This is because when the cells are nicked in any way, they will not survive the transfer process and up being reabsorbed. Second, the fat cells removed from your body must be processed to remove the pro-inflammatory blood products as well as the solution in the aspirate in order to compact the fat cells for re-injection. Traditionally, this processing maneuver exposed them to unnecessary exposure to the outside air and subsequently increased the potential for contamination. Today, the Gold Standard requires the use of a closed-loop system using sterile and sealed canister and interconnected tubbings that forbid opportunity for contamination and/or subsequent infection. Finally, fat was traditionally injected back into your body using numerous syringes which were laboriously hand filled and injected. This process typically took 1 to 2 hours to complete. However, advances using the closed-loop system allow us to inject the fat as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes. Why is this important? This is important because fat cells that are removed from the body act like fish pulled out of water. Fat cells similar to fish start to suffocate when out of the body and thus minimizing out of body time with the closed-loop system will result in higher graft takes.

Avoiding miscommunication of your perceived ideal buttock goals

A surprising second cause for why your BBL was botched, is not communicating with your surgeon the exact buttock shape and size you are desiring. Although prior studies have attempted to standardize buttock size and shape, the ultimate decider of your favorite buttock size and shape is you! This is because every patient has a different perception of what they want their butts to look like. Although bringing in photographs of other people, can help guide your surgeon as to what kind of butt you are desiring, other people are not you as they have different body types, shapes, and sizes. I observe patients every week who are disappointed at the buttock shape or size created. As such, we have created the Buttock Assessment Tool, found on our homepage that is intended to accurately guide you and your surgeon so that your ideal buttock can be created.

Let us look at two patient examples who underwent revision surgery to improve their buttock shape.

The first patient was inappropriately sculpted with upper pole prominence that resulted in a shelf deformity and squared buttock appearance.

The second had too much prominence of their lower butt created making her butt look heart shaped rather than rounded. Using the buttock assessment tool, both of these patients were able to express the reason for their dissatisfaction with their buttock shapes which were successfully corrected.

Why was my BBL botched – Summary

In summary, if you are wondering “Why was my BBL botched?” we recommend that you choose a buttock surgeon who utilizes the most advanced BBL surgical techniques and one who possesses the utmost experience. In addition, we encourage you to take the Buttock Assessment Tool so that you can be reassured that your surgeon appreciates the exact buttock shape and size that you are aiming for. Finally, your surgeon must possess an aesthetic artistic eye and perform like a refined sculptor.  Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to ask any and all of your questions directly from Dr. Laguna who is passionate about BBL safety and outcomes

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