Closed Loop Fat Grafting System Optimizes Brazilian Butt Lifts

Closed Loop Fat Grafting System Optimizes Brazilian Butt Lifts

The closed-loop fat grafting system optimizes Brazilian Butt lifts by improving both safety and aesthetic outcomes. The closed-loop system refers to the ability to harvest fat via liposuction, clean the fat, and reinject the fat back into your buttock while the fat is never exposed to the outside environment. This is in contrast to traditional techniques. Previously, the fat would have to be liposuctioned and then transferred into an open-air sieve. While in the sieve, it would be irrigated with an antibiotic solution; the fat would then be compacted by mixing the fat aspirate solution to remove the fluid. The fat would then be collected into 60cc syringes which would be reinjected back into the buttock. This process would be time-consuming when you consider that 1 L of fat injection into each buttock would require approximately 34 syringes (2000 cc total for bilateral buttock cheeks / 60 cc syringes ) to get the job done. This process is arguably time consuming and messy! In contrast, the closed-loop fat grafting system provides several advantages to the traditional technique described above that result from minimizing the potential for contamination and infection and minimizing out of body fat cell exposure time.

Minimizing the Potential For Contamination and Infection During Fat Grafting

Minimizing the potential for contamination and infection is a critical advantage of the closed-loop fat grafting system. This is because fat cells are vulnerable to injury and infection by virtue of having lost their bloodline by removing them from their home and transferring them to a new, foreign location. This makes any bit of contamination during the cleaning or processing phase very risky to an infection. If the cells get infected they can die and not only be reabsorbed by your body but also compromise your health when cell death occurs in larger numbers. The closed-loop fat grafting system literally isolates the harvested fat cells from the outside environment. The fat cells are collected into a sealed, sterile container where they are cleaned with antibiotic irrigation through a closed hose connection. Moreover, whereas volumes of antibiotic irrigation are limited with an open sieve system, the closed-loop container allows for more copious amounts of antibiotic volumes to be used. The final effect is safer fat cell cleaning and processing.

Minimizing Out of Body Fat Cell Exposure Time During Fat Grafting

The Mowlavi Fat Grafting Canister

Minimizing out-of-body fat cell exposure time is an important advantage of the closed-loop system. Traditionally, the fat cells that are irrigated must be left out to allow for the fluid to drain out or settle out prior to reinjection. Using Dr. Mowlavi’s proprietary Fat Grafting Cannister, the irrigation fluid can be removed instantly thus eliminating unnecessary delays.

In addition, the Mowlavi Fat Grafting Canister avoids any delays of having to fill numerous syringes. This is because a sterile hose connection allows for the fat cells to be reinjected immediately into the buttock. At our center, we minimize out of body fat exposure times to less than ½ to 1 hour. This minimized exposure time translates into maximum fat cell viability and ultimate buttock volume retention.   

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