Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos

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Breast augmentation revision is required when breast shape is no longer ideal following breast augmentation surgery. Several factors may result in suboptimal breast shape including implant rupture, implant malposition, capsular contracture (thickening of your capsule and subsequent firming of your normal breast tissues), and/or breast tissue sagging.

For any and all of the above breast changes, breast augmentation revision procedures have been designed to reestablish breast harmony. Revision breast surgeries may involve a simple breast implant replacement, breast pocket manipulation, capsule modification, and/or breast lift surgery. A unique surgical plan will be customized to achieve an aesthetically pleasing breast mound contour, correct any and all asymmetry, and return your nipple position to the center of your positioned breast implant, i.e. new breast mound location.

Infrequently, patients may desire to have their implants removed altogether; these patients can benefit from having a breast lift and/or breast fat transfer to maintain their breast to body harmony. You will be provided all your breast revision options following your first consultation with Dr. Mowlavi.

Review the breast augmentation revision before and after results are provided for your review below.

Breast augmentation revision before and after photos – What to look for

Breast augmentation revision before and after photos should demonstrate optimization of breastmound shape, centralizing nipple position, and  improvement in breast symmetry. Breast mounds should be full and round circumferentially. When breasts undergo capsular contracture, the breast mound may become contracted and tightened which will result in the flattening of and distortion of the breast mound. Another breast augmentation revision goal is to centralize the nipple areola complex on the breast mound. If breast implants bottom out and stretch the lower breast pole, the nipples may be pointed too high. In contrast, if the nipple and areola droop, they can sag off of the breast mounds and be pointed down. Finally, if the breast mounds lateralize or fall into the arm pit, then the nipples can be pointed medially. All these suboptimal nipple positions can be improved with either repositioning of the nipple and areola complex or repositioning of the breast implants. Finally, overall symmetry of breasts should be expected when  looking at breast augmentation revision before and after photos.

Breast Augmentation Revision Before & After Photos

48 year old female 2 months following bilateral breast revision surgery; breast lift and implant exchange.

73 year old female status post bilateral breast implant removal, capsulectomy, capsulotomy, capsulorrhaphies and implant replacement.

31 year old female following breast augmentation revision following rupture of her left breast implant.

44 year old female following bilateral breast augmentation revision to provide her appropriate breast symmetry.

65 year old female following breast augmentation revision with removal of ruptured implants and replacement with 390cc moderate profile silicone gel implants as well as breast lift; patient also underwent a mini-tummy tuck procedure to complete her mommy make over surgery.

61 year old female following breast implant removal and capsulectomy to remove all scar tissue. Patient also had 350cc silicone gel implants

71 year old female following bilateral breast augmentation revision with bilateral breast implant replacement and breast lift procedure.

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