The Aging Face: Part 2 – Softening Sun Damaged Skin

The Aging Face: Part 2 – Softening Sun Damaged Skin

The Aging Face: Part 2 – Softening Sun Damaged Skin

The aging face is depicted not only by sagging skin but also by rough, sun-damaged skin. This is a result of UV radiation damage to the sunlight. The typical patient will complain of a thickened skin that is laden with fine wrinkles throughout. This results in a rough appearance of the skin that can make you appear prematurely aged. We would like to present the Cool Helium Plasma (CHP) resurfacing tool that has replaced our Fraxel, CO2 and Erbium lasers, as our first choice in resurfacing tools in softening sun damaged skin.


This resurfacing tool provides superior aesthetic results when it comes to improving the texture and eliminating fine wrinkles of your face and the sun damaged skin. By utilizing Helium Gas, this resurfacing tool has provided three advantages over prior resurfacing modalities and these include:
a) anti-microbial effect an intrinsic result of the Helium molecule
b) less hyperpigmentation risk-as a result of the cooler temperatures
c) quicker recovery secondary to less collateral damage.

This is an ideal facial rejuvenation for certain individuals including:
1) Patient who is too young to get a face and neck lift and would like something to hold her over for another 3 to 5 years.
2) Patient who is too old to tolerate a face and neck lift surgery but who would like to improve her facial aging signs
3) Patient who has undergone a face and neck lift to eliminate skin redundancy but would still like to improve his/her skin texture.

In order to determine if you could take advantage of this quick and affordable procedure on softening sun damaged skin, please fill out the contact form to the right.

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