Discover Scarless Skin Tightening – a Game Changer for Your Results

Discover Scarless Skin Tightening – a Game Changer for Your Results


Avoiding Excisional Surgeries

Scarless skin tightening is a game-changer in today’s high definition body contouring arena. This is because a large subset of the population want to avoid more invasive excisional surgeries. Excisional surgeries require deeper sedation such as general anesthesia. General anesthesia requires more rigorous preoperative precautions such as blood tests and evaluation by your primary care physician to get surgical clearance. General anesthesia requires administration of inhalation anesthetics delivered through a tube that is associated with postoperative grogginess and several days of recovery.

Finally, excisional surgeries, are associated with longer incision lines that require prolonged recovery and potential for visual scarring. These side effects of more invasive surgeries deter three subsets of patients that include the older community that wants to avoid general anesthesia and more arduous recovery.

The next patient population includes younger patients who do not wish to have the stigma of a surgical incision line or cannot take time off of work. The final population involves the gentlemen who are more reserved and don’t want to share with others that have undergone cosmetic surgery and may not have the luxury to take off from work for a prolonged recovery period.

Renuvion Scarless Skin Tightening

Scarless Skin Tightening

Renuvion scarless skin tightening is a novel technology that combines two energies involving helium activated plasms with radiofrequency to allow for skin contraction. These energies transfer heat to the deeper dermal skin and underlying fibro-septal web thereby permanently shrink wrapping or shortening collagen molecules.  The shortening of collagen molecules is instant with skin tightening endpoint gauged at the time of the procedure.

This fusion energy is even more impressive when we consider that plasma technology is able to skip around and find the route of least resistance. This means that collagen molecules that have already been treated are not overtreated and those that have not been treated get treated with each of the subsequent passes. This 360 degrees spanning treatment ensures that overtreatment is avoided and uniform treatment of collagen molecules is maximized.  

Renuvion treatments are performed during high definition body contouring when skin redundancy is observed either with or without liposuction. Scarless skin tightening allows for the treatment of patients who desire improved underarm tightness but do not want a Brachioplasty.

Scarless skin tightening can be offered for men who have generous love handles or prominent armpit areas but will not tolerate excisional surgery. Scarless skin tightening can be offered to patients who want to eliminate cellulite of the posterior thighs or skin looseness of the medial thighs but do not wish to have an unsightly scar of a medial thigh tuck. Scarless skin tightening can help tighten loose neck skin without the need for a face and neck lift that is not desirable in younger patients, males, or the elderly. Finally, Renuvion allows Dr. Mowlavi to achieve high definition body contouring results without cutting in patients that score a 5 to 7 on his high definition liposuction body scale.

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