Why a Low Incision Line Is Crucial for a Tummy Tuck

Why a Low Incision Line Is Crucial for a Tummy Tuck

The Perfect Low Incision Line for a Tummy Tuck

One of the most common mistakes other surgeons make in tummy tuck surgery is placing the incision line too high. Proper placement of this line is crucial for a smooth and beautiful result. Dr. Mowlavi, an Orange County cosmetic surgeon with expertise in revising improperly-placed tummy tuck incisions, explains in detail.

Inappropriately Placed Incision Line Concerns

  1. A visible incision when wearing undergarments and bikini bottoms
  2. A step off deformity
  3. Aesthetically pleasing pubic region

Below is a before-and-after of a tummy tuck revision that illustrates a step-off deformity from a tummy tuck with an incision line too high. A lower incision line revised the step off. This gives the patient a firmer and smoother abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Incision Line Before and After Orange County Plastic Surgery

Low Incision Line Advantages

First, we lift your private part region to improve its proportion. The location of the incision line placement creates a division between the abdomen and private parts. As such, when we place it lower, it provides proportionality. In addition, the lower incision lines provide a pull on your pubic region allowing tightening, flattening, and improved private part aesthetics.

The amount of redundant skin and belly button position determines the low incision line length used with a tummy tuck. We place the incision line over the pubic area and extends laterally following the bikini line. The incision length is customized to extend only as far as necessary to removed unwanted redundancies. The “low” incision line optimizes the capacity to wear thin undergarment and bikini bottom without exposing incision lines.

A Satisfied Patient’s Review

“I underestimated my overall experience and what I would be receiving as a result of this surgery (tummy tuck and breast lift). I knew my stomach would be put back together and that I would experience a general sense of pain relief and freedom from every day limitations, but I could not even conceive of the change I have experienced mentally and emotionally after having this surgery.

I truly feel like my life has changed. Before surgery, I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror, I would just get dressed and not make eye contact with myself. I felt like a monster because of how deformed I was and this affected my self concept and overall demeanor. Now, I feel put back together in ways I never thought possible. I feel not only healthier and more physically whole, but I feel more confident and an increased sense of self worth and value.

I am so thankful for this opportunity. The care I received throughout this entire process has been exceptional. Thank you for giving me my life back. As a mom, wife, and professional – thank you.” — E. Snipes. Dana Point, CA

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