Jowling: What it is And How to Correct it

Jowling: What it is And How to Correct it

correct jowling before and after resultsWhat is Jowling?

Facial “jowling” is caused by the natural aging process which leads to volume loss and drooping skin. The term “Jowls” refers to the lower, fleshy part of the cheek. With age, this area of the face begins to sink lower causing the dreaded jowling. This undesirable effect can be attributed to the sagging of cheek skin, underlying soft tissue and muscles. The normally tight muscles begin to stretch with age catching the fullness of the sinking cheeks that we call jowls. Jowling can cause unevenness and asymmetry of the jawline, as well as, add years to your face that is why its important to correct jowling.

How to Correct Jowling?

While there are non surgical ways to camouflage jowling like using cosmetic fillers to correct prejowl, the only definitive and permanent correction of jowl aging is surgical. The dual plane face-lift has proven to be the most effective method for eliminating jowling.

In order for cosmetic surgeons to effectively treat and correct jowling, they must be extremely knowledgeable about the lower facial anatomy to understand why facial deformity develops. Many physicians will treat jowels by solely targeting the skin during a face-lift and they neglect to address the underlying soft tissue and muscle. Skin only facelifts result in unsatisfactory results as patients do not get the chiseled jawline outcome that they desire.

Surgeons must appreciate and understand that it is not sufficient to solely provide upward and lateral traction on the skin. It is crucial that your surgeon addresses both the skin and underlying soft tissue muscle layer known as the “SMAS,” which is short for superficial muscular aponeurotic system. When we tighten the SMAS layer, it not only hoists up the skin, but also eliminates the jowls. A dual-plane facelift tightens both the SMAS and skin layers, providing superior and long lasting results.

If you look in the mirror and notice a sagging of the neck, jowels, lower cheeks or mouth area, then schedule a free consultation to correct jowling with Orange County’s premiere facelift surgeon, Dr. Arian Mowlavi.

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